About Us

Founded by former schoolteachers, Cycle 2 Technologies has a unique mission: help school districts get more money for their used computer equipment.

Used School Computers for Sale

There currently exists no clear process for K-12 school districts to dispose of technology equipment in an efficient and beneficial manner. Individual items can be sold through sites such as eBay, Amazon, or auction houses. But there is no structured process in place that is readily accessible. Trying to utilize internal resources can be difficult as it involves a commitment of employees and resources to prepare equipment for sale. Often these resources are stretched to the breaking point.

Our mission: to provide a turnkey solution for school districts to dispose of used computer equipment. Founded by former schoolteachers, Cycle 2 understands the needs of school districts. We provide a full suite of services for the efficient disposal of used computer equipment, including data formatting and cosmetic cleanup. We work to get good returns on the equipment. And when it sells, Cycle 2 splits the proceeds with the district.

The Cycle 2 Advantage

Auction houses or disposal groups charge a substantial percentage for disposal while paying only pennies on the dollar or pound in return. They don’t provide services such as refurbishing computers or removing essential data, which could leave organizations at risk. No one offers a turnkey solution to capture, restore, and sell outdated equipment. Except for Cycle 2 Technologies.

Cycle 2 will pick up your equipment from your location. Next, we will refurbish equipment, clean hard drives, remove any identifying information, reload operating systems, and then sell or auction the equipment through national or local auction websites. In essence, the equipment receives a second cycle of life. And the best part: Cycle 2 splits the proceeds with your organization.

Disposal companies or auction houses only give you a small return. Our goal is to help you recapture as much capital as possible from your equipment. We take units on consignment and return the unsold items to you. We employ special needs and handicapped workers that help us prepare your equipment for resale. It is a win for everyone. We can even help you sell your equipment in your own community.

Contact us today. We look forward to serving your needs!