Our Process

School districts have an ongoing headache: how to dispose of used computer equipment. Generally school districts take one of three approaches:

  1. Sell it for pennies on the pound
  2. Pay recyclers to take it away
  3. Let it sit in a storage room and collect dust

None of these alternatives are particularly appealing. And with one-to-one programs sweeping through education, these alternatives are increasingly unacceptable.

We Can Help You

Cycle 2 Technologies takes a different approach: we work to get maximum value for your used computer equipment. Here’s how it works:

  • Equipment intake: We take possession of the material at our warehouse. We keep track of everything throughout the entire process.
  • Data formatting: School computers frequently have sensitive information stored on their hard drives. Don’t worry. We use specialized software from a leading data destruction company. Every hard drive is thoroughly formatted, regardless of whether or not it is available for sale.
  • Unit test: We test to make sure the systems are in full working order. Anything that doesn’t pass our testing procedure is turned over to a recycler.
  • Cosmetic cleanup: School computers generally have some type of identifying labels. All of this is removed prior to resale. We also do what we can to make the units cosmetically attractive to boost resale values.

Once all this is done, we work to get top dollar for your equipment with resellers and ecommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. And once your equipment is sold, you get a portion of the proceeds.

And if your school district wants to sell the products to district residents? No problem. We can arrange an online solution to allow for an online auction of your used computer equipment.

Cycle 2 Technologies is your school district’s solution in IT asset recovery. Contact us today.